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How Fusely Works

The mobile app to build and grow your community


Get started and create your community right here. You can manage everything happening in your community through Fusely's web-based Console.


Fusely gives you a webpage, links, and QR Codes you can share in emails, text messages, and on flyers to help your members join your community.


Manage events, news, members, interactions, notifications, integrations and more as your community engages and grows on Fusely.

Fusely Features

Our tools make it easy to engage with your members

Some of Fusely's Great Features

Our tools make it easy to engage with your members


Create an unlimited number of events – large and small – for your members that are easy to find, RSVP and check-in to.


Members accounts give access to the full-app experience, while the data can be exported to sync with a membership database.


Create, schedule and send push notifications to all of your members or target a specific segment of members.


Extend Fusely with integrations for civic advocacy, member data syncing, social sharing, calendars, and more.