Let's Get Started

May 10, 2018

by Josh Sharpe

A quick guide to launching your Fusely community

One of our goals at Fusely is to make launching and joining a community as quick and easy as possible.

Starting Your Fusely Community

It only takes a few minutes to get started with your Fusely community no credit card required!

Click the "Get Started" button up on the top right of your browser. We'll then take you through a couple of steps:

Step 1: Your Email Address. This will be the email address associated with your community. Make sure you have access to this email account because when you click "Next" we send you a six-digit verification code from [email protected].

Step 2: Your Info. After you verify the email address, we'll ask you for your Name, to create a password, and what you want to call your community. When naming your community, it's best to use the name of your company, organization, or club as your Fusely community name. This will make it easier for members to join.

And with that you're in the Fusely Console!

Joining Your Community

It is even easier to join a Fusely community. Form within the Console there's a big "Promote Your Community" button on the top right of your browser. Here you'll find a special QR Code and a unique fusely.app link, both of which you can share with your members.

You can easily share both the fusely.app link and QR Code via email, social media or right on your own website. Your members do not need to download the Fusely app before using either the link or the code. We'll direct them to their app store to download Fusely and when they open it we'll automatically load your community for them. If they do have the Fusely app on their phone already, we'll pop it open and load your community.

It's magic!

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us via the little chat icon there on the bottom right of your screen.