Building a Better Table

May 7, 2018

by Christopher Doorley

"A lot of people will come to the table if you create a table." Tom Wolff Author of The Power of Collaborative Solutions: Six principles and effective tools for building healthy communities

A lot of our online life is based around the idea of networks. Building our network, growing our network – these are ways of finding new and different people to connect with, to expand our numbers, increase our clout, become influencers and to create links where none previously existed.

Online networks – social networks – have transformed our world, there's no doubt about that. They have given us the tools to limitlessly expand our networks. Before the spring of 2006, who would have thought of having millions upon millions of followers on a platform named for the noises birds make? Before social networks, no one had millions and millions of "friends." It just wasn't possible. A lot of good has come from these connections, but the heart of these software platforms is to be as big as possible.

But what if a software platform had, at its heart, a mission to bring communities closer together? While growing your ranks is important, so is connecting with your members and fostering ties within a community. For all their efforts to "connect the world," traditional social media and online networks are built around a premise that success is measured in friend lists and followers, rather than in the depth of the bonds that hold our communities together.

Fusely is different. Our mission is to create a company that fosters stronger communities. We measure success through positive membership engagement, not simply through tallies of new connections. We can help you reach more people, but, at our core, we want to help you connect with those people in a more meaningful way, and to use those ties to build and grow your community – both on- and off-line.

To do that, we can help you build Tom Wolff's proverbial table; a place where members can come, meet, engage, and participate. Our software platform, much like a table, is built to be a flexible and utilitarian resource around which your members to can convene, gather, and grow. Like a table, our software can do many things, and who we partner with drives the solutions we provide.

And ultimately, we'll measure our success through the ways your members are able to utilize their app to strengthen and build your community, not simply through the numbers of users we accrue. We hope a lot of people come to the table we build but, as a company, we're more interested in what they do at that table, and how the conversations they have at the table make your community stronger.